Monday, January 20, 2020

How to choose the best Url Shortener?

Link shortening is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. For the last several years, we have been dealing with a significant increase in interest in this method and thus also with an increase in the number of Url Shorteners. There are several dozen different Url Shorteners on the market that compete with each other by offering different rates per countries and different amount of visits counted from the same IP in 24H period. This begs the question:

How to choose the right shortener to use all potential of my traffic?

It's not possible. Each link shortener has its limitations. One of them is the number of impressions counted from the same IP. Typically, shorteners count no more than 3 impressions and most of them count only 1 impression for 24 hours. So what happens if one user displays your links 5 or 10 times? The shortener pays only for 1 and the others are forfeited. So you lose views and money.

The same applies to rates, which, depending on the shortener and country, range from a few cents to even $ 20 for 1000 views. If you have users from one country, the matter is simple, you need to choose the shortener that pays the most for that country. But what if you have users from different countries?

How do I choose the shortener that has the best rates for all my users?

It's not possible. There is no single shortener that has the best rates for all the countries. So if you get the best rate for one country, you'll get a lower rate for another. In this way you lose money again.

So how maximize earning from shortening links?

To use the full potential of the traffic that your users generate, you can use Ad Server for Url Shorteners. It is a tool that combines several url shortener in one place and allows you to use the best features of each shortener to maximize financial results.

How does it work?

First you need to create several accounts in different Url shorteners. Then you need to connect these accounts to the Ad Server and then create short links just like in any other shortener.
Ad server automatically creates shortened links in all connected shorteners so that they can be used to direct traffic.
When the user enters the shortened link, the ad server recognizes his country and selects the shortener which has the highest rate. In addition, the ad server counts how many views were taken from the same IP. If the limit of paid impressions has been used in one shortener, ad server will take the user to another shortener and then to another and so on.
This means that you always get the best rate per country and you don't lose impressions. If you have 6 link shorteners connected then instead of 1 counted view you can have even 20 of them. It all depends on how many views your users make. If you have many impressions per 1 IP and you have users from different countries, you should definitely consider using Ad Server for url shorteners.

What are the Ad Servers for url shorteners?

There is only one tool on the market dedicated to url shorteners - It has all the features described above, and additionally has the ability to set your own rates for each shortener and display limits from 1 IP (capping). Most importantly, the tool is available for free. LinkSpy gets 10% of your traffic but you won't feel it anyway because thanks to LinkSpy you will earn much more.