Saturday, April 11, 2020

How many Url Shorteners should I link to LinkSpy?

If you are reading this article you probably already know that LinkSpy is an ad server for Url Shorteners that allows you to increase your earnings. LinkSpy rotates your users between Url Shorteners to ensure more paid views and better rates so you are obligated to add few shorteners to use it. LinkSpy supports over a dozen of Url Shorteners and also allows to add Custom Shorteners. 

Let's go to the point, 

How many Url Shorteners should you use in LinkSpy?

LinkSpy recommends to use at least 3 shorteners because this is an absolute minimum to see any progress in earnings. If you want to get better results you should use more shorteners but you have to adjust their amount to your traffic  volume. 

Adding many Url Shorteners will affect the frequency of your payouts because your traffic and money are divided between shorteners. If you have little traffic and you will use too many shorteners it can cause a situation in which you will have to wait few months for the withdrawal.

If you previously used single Url Shortener you can easily define the optimal amount of shorteners basing on monthly paid views counted by single shorteners. Please check the table below and decide what is the best option for you.

Montly paid view Shorteners no.
< 20000 3
20000 - 30000 4
30000 - 50000 5
50000 - 100000 6-8
100000 - 200000 8-12
more then 200000 12 - max

Note: the data above is only a suggestion, you can try different configurations and decide what is best for you.

We also recommend to use Traffic Optimizer, it will show how many shorteners can utilize your traffic and which shorteners have the highest rates for your users countries. Optimizer needs at least 1000 views to calculate the data.